Posted by: Bob Pfeiffer | July 14, 2009

Documents To Go version 1.1

Dataviz has released an update to Documents To Go that has some new features including the following:

Cut/Copy/Paste across all supported OS 3.0 apps. This is a great new feature as the original version of Docs To Go only had cut/copy/paste inside it’s own application (for Word docs). Now it uses the standard iPhone functionality to allow you to cut/copy from your Word docs or paste into your Word docs. If you have not yet loaded OS 3.0, the program continues to use the in-app cut/copy/paste from Docs To Go version 1.0.

Send Files via email. Another great addition. I mentioned in my original Documents To Go review blog that I expected Dataviz to add this functionality and I’m very happy they did. They have made it very simple as there is now a mail icon in either view or edit mode. Tap the button and you’re in a new message screen with the doc attached. Put in a recipient, subject and message and tap send. The attachment is sent and then you are taken back to the document view. You can only send one document at a time but still a nice addition.

Full screen view. When you are editing documents in landscape mode, you can now hide or view the title bar and toolbar with one button press. I mentioned in my original review blog that in landscape view and the keyboard open you only see a couple of lines of the document. This new functionality makes editing in landscape mode much better.  This is a very nice addition. I have however found one minor bug. When you press the Full Screen button in landscape mode (it won’t do anything in portrait mode) and the title bar and toobar disappear, if you then rotate back into portrait mode, you are still in Full Screen mode but tapping the button will not take you out of Full Screen mode. You have to rotate back into landscape and then press the Full Screen button. It’s not a major deal but something that should be fixed in the next release.

Pinch Zooming. You can now pinch and reverse pinch in your Word documents to change the Zoom level making it more like other iPhone apps. Another nice addition.

In conclusion I will say that the additions included in version 1.1 are all needed and well implemented. There is no Excel editing yet but I expect that to be in the next release and hopefully it will not take too long for Dataviz to get that out.


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